Jean-Marc Lagacé
1 min readOct 22, 2022


This reminds me of an exercise Tim Ferris was suggesting in the 4-hour workweek. The idea was to lie down anywhere, count to 10 and then simply get up.

No explanations.

No forewarning.

I had decided to try it during a trip to Italy.

It literally took me a week to work the courage to do it a first time. I was concerned about how people would react. The commotion it would create.

At some I told myself, if you do t try it you will regret it later. It’s 10 seconds. Worst that happens is a guards comes along and tells you to move along.

So I did, in the middle of the Piazza San Marco.

And, nothing happened.

It felt liberating.

I tried again a few times. The most revealing time was on the Pontevecchio in Florence.

People were annoyed (there was a lot of people).

But nobody stopped to help.

Nobody told me to move.

Nobody cares.

And that was so enlightening and empowering in my entrepreneurial journey.



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